Anew Day Board of DirectorsAnew Day continues to grow adding a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern program. This new addition provides services that enhance the Lay Counseling program. The Interns can provide marriage, family, and child therapy for the general public. This program compliments the lay counseling program already in place with two differences: first, lay counselors at Anew Day meet with individual adults and teens only and while they do wonderful work with this population, there is sometimes a need for more. MFT Interns are able to provide marriage, couple, family and child therapy, as well as therapy for individuals, with issues that cannot be met in a lay counselor program. Second, there is a charge for this service. This charge is based on a sliding scale with a beginning low fee structured to reach those with insufficient funds to go to licensed clinicians.

MFT Interns are individuals who have completed a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and are in the process of earning their intern hours in order to become licensed MFT’s, while being supervised by a licensed MFT. In accordance to California State Law every licensed Marriage Family Therapist has to complete a supervised internship before they can take their State Licensing exam. Currently, their availability is open without a waiting list.

Each day our staff of Anew Day fills the need of the community for a caring compassionate person to be there when life becomes painful and overwhelming. Our vision is to continue to expand to accommodate that need and to work with public and private agencies and entities in order to promote the psychological and emotional welfare of all.

"I was fortunate to gain all of my clinical hours from trainee-to-intern at Anew Day. Anew Day offers an amazing and rewarding opportunity for MFT Interns and Trainees to gain hours of experience and to gain rich experience within those hours. Anew Day provides a multifaceted cultural and socioeconomic client base including children, adolescents, families, adults, and couples with which to develop a well-rounded clinical training. The clinical supervision I received was professional, warm, enjoyable, and challenging. The supervisors challenged me to always consider the therapeutic direction I was taking with a client, my diagnosis of the client and, for me, my time management. Supervision was consistently professional with plenty of encouragement and direction and was done with the client’s best interests in mind. We shared a lot of laughter also as we collaborated together in supervisory groups. I am so thankful for the training I received at Anew Day.

The facility at Anew Day has several individual and couples counseling rooms, group and family counseling rooms, and a dedicated Sand Tray room. It is a friendly and encouraging atmosphere located in beautiful Nevada City which allows for a delightful in-between-clients walking environment."

- Keith Thompson, LMFT (former Anew Day trainee & intern)

I have been in the mental health field since 1988 and been a licensed MFT since 1996. I have done clinical supervision almost continually since 1998 and it is my passion and constant goal to train and encourage Interns and trainees to become the best therapists they can be. I have worked in many different therapeutic settings, including private practice, non-profit and for profit agency settings. Being a part of Anew Day is one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had.

The staff, volunteers and Intern teams are extraordinary in commitment and spirit.  Interns under my supervision can expect a safe and encouraging environment in which to grow as a professional. We explore a variety of theoretical approaches and interventions and remain attentive to preparation for the State Board Exams. I, myself, am more psychodynamic in my theoretical approach with an emphasis on Ego State therapy but also use Cognitive therapy and other disciplines. I always strive for the highest level of professionalism in all areas of service.  As a faith based agency, we do not evangelize but rather show the love of Christ through compassion and skilled responses without judgment to those who are hurting and in need. It is truly a blessing to be a part of this wonderful work.

MFT Trainee Cory O'Neal


            Cory O’ is currently finishing her Master’s in Psychology at National University with a major in Marriage and Family Therapy.   Receiving her Master's Degree in Academic Counseling in 2009 solidified Cory’s desire to spend her life helping others.  She’s acquired extensive experience working with adolescents and their families as a middle school counselor in Wheatland, CA.  She has also worked within group homes for adults, recently coming out of hospitalization, after being diagnosed with schizophrenia or other mental health disorders. Married for 27 years, her husband retired after 22 years in the Air Force.  She has a wealth of experience regarding military deployments and, the effects of which on the family.  Her eldest son was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at birth, as such she has had to learn to navigate the ups and downs associated with having a family member with special needs, and is anxious to share successful strategies with others.  He is the oldest of her four adult children.

Cory always enjoyed the uniqueness, diversity and complexities of people she met throughout her life.  She is comfortable and has varying levels of experience with issues including: addictions, trauma, suicide ideation, parenting, communication, anger, marriage, post-traumatic stress, LGBTQQA, co-dependency, divorce, step-families, disabilities, military, life coaching and much more.  Cory is becoming a therapist to support others as they discover ways to navigate their complex worlds in order to live happier and healthier lives. She believes that all aspects of our lives are interrelated and thus a holistic approach to wellness is the most effective. As a team she will work together with you to identify: strengths, goals, obstacles, beliefs, fears, hopes and resources to illuminate the path to your peaceful, loving journey through your successful life.

MFT Trainee Victoria "Viki" Robinson 


Viki Robinson is finishing her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and Professional Clinical Counseling at Western Seminary. Since she was in elementary school she knew that she wanted to go into a field of helping others become the best they can be. She has an Associates in Deaf Studies from Sierra College, where she discovered she had a passion for working with disadvantaged children. From there she pursued her dream of going to Hawaii to finish her Bachelors in Psychology, where she did a practicum course working in a school with low income special needs children. She was raised in Nevada County and now resides in the area with her husband and 2.5-year-old Labrador Retriever. She has over 10 years of experience working with children within the community.

Viki has always had a passion of helping people, and would spend hours intrigued in what others had to say. While Chemistry and Biology are not her specialties in school, she is always mesmerized when she hears about how the brain and body work. She is a kinetic learner, loves to be creative and to share her creativity with others. When she is not with clients or in school she can usually be found playing in the great outdoors with her family: camping, paddle boarding, hiking, fishing, ATV riding, photography, scuba diving, beach combing, and much more.

She is comfortable working with all populations and topics, and has varying level of experience with issues including: various traumas both in children and adults, death, jail/prison, addiction, one parent household, anger, self-esteem/ self-worth, grief and loss, major life changes, special needs children, disabilities, elderly, suicidal ideation, depression, post-traumatic stress and more. She takes an eclectic approach to therapy and willing to integrate the client’s faith into their sessions upon request. Through her training at Western Seminary, she has learned biblical principles and spiritual understanding and how to integrate with long standing theory and latest research allowing her to better understand and journey with her clients. She remembers how difficult it can be to make the initial call to a counselor and seeks to make her client’s experience a warm, empathic and safe place to discover, grow and develop themselves.

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