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15 years of spreading hope

Anew Day was founded in March 2006 by individuals who felt called to support struggling youth in our area by providing free counseling services.  At that time Nevada County was ranked #1 in California’s suicide rate per capita.  A tragic statistic.



Over the past 15 years Anew Day’s ministry has grown and evolved with the increasing need for mental health support in our community.  What began as a small, faith-based organization of volunteer counselors has grown into a full-service counseling center that provides both counseling and counselor training. 


As a counseling center, Anew Day offers our community free lay counseling, low-cost professional therapy, various free support groups and art therapy classes.  We serve individuals of all ages as well as couples and families. As a training center, Anew Day provides ongoing weekly supervision through our licensed Clinical Directors for both our lay counselors and our professional therapists.  These Directors also teach Counseling Skills Workshops for aspiring lay counselors and community members. Through Anew Day, over 20 lay counselors, 7 professional therapists and 2 clinical directors serve the mental and emotional needs of our community members. Our counseling center now has 10 counseling rooms, a group meeting room/library, as well as a large art therapy room.


Anew Day’s size and reach have increased greatly over the years, but our mission has not changed. We remain a faith-based, not-for-profit organization helping people find hope and healing through counseling that is both affordable and accessible. I am confident that our 15 years of pursuing this mission has played a significant role in helping move the suicide ranking in Nevada County from #1 to the current rank of #20 in the state.




For these past 15 years Anew Day has depended on the support of the community we serve to accomplish our mission. Our growth is a credit to the generosity of our supporters. We need income to keep our counseling and training center operational.  We need resources to provide scholarships for people who need professional therapy but can’t afford it, as well as resources for things like advertising or infrastructure maintenance.  Due to the nature of our mission we are unable to pass our operating expenses on to our clients, which is why we need your help.

Would you be willing to give regularly to provide a consistent income that will help Anew Day meet monthly expenses?

Would you be willing to give occasionally to support needs that come up like scholarships, advertising or maintenance?

If you’ve ever wondered what you can do to effectively help those who are struggling mentally or emotionally, please join our team of faithful supporters that provide the resources Anew Day needs to offer affordable and accessible counseling services in our community. 



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