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Anew Day's mission is to provide affordable counseling services, support groups, education and training to help people find healing from past hurts, peace in today's struggles, and hope for a better tomorrow. 



Anew Day shares the love of God by helping people live mentally and emotionally healthy lives. 


LOVE FOR GOD - We glorify God by reflecting His great love and wisdom in serving people who need help navigating the challenges of life.

PASSION FOR CHRIST - Gratitude for the gracious love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ fuels our own sacrificial service in attending to the wellbeing of others.


COMPASSION FOR PEOPLE - We care for people by sitting with them in their struggles to offer encouragement, support, and tools with the hope of improving and even saving lives.

EXCELLENCE - We provide training, encouragement and accountability for our staff to uphold excellence in all areas of our ministry.

INTEGRITY - We strive to be above reproach in the eyes of God and man regarding how we handle confidentiality, our finances, our clients and our staff.


  •  A quiet confidential place to pause and reflect upon your life.  Where are you now, how did you get there, and where do you want to go?

  •  An opportunity for you to discover your own voice and find the courage to express it.

  •  To help you develop skills and strategies needed to make your life meaningful and your relationships rewarding.

  • We do not proselytize or evangelize, rather, we meet folks - from all faiths - where they are in whatever struggles they are facing, offering a place of love and support.


650 Gold Flat Rd, Ste A Nevada City, CA 95959


Anew Day is a 501(c)3 non-profit religious corporation. All gifts made to Anew Day are tax deductible under IRS regulations. Our Federal Tax ID: 74-3170188.

Bringing Hope

THANKS to many of our loyal supporters, the community, and our clients, Anew Day continues to consistently be voted Best Mental Health Provider in Nevada County numerous years in a row! We last won this award for 2021 - the tenth year receiving this award since 2011!

best of nevada county
Best Of NevCo
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Best of NevCo, 2019
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