Our Mission - Who we are


Anew Day is a faith-based organization that provides healing and hope through lay and professional counseling for those who are hurting. We do not prosthelytize or evangelize, rather, we meet folks - from all faiths - where they are in whatever struggles they are facing, offering a place of love and support. 


Our Vision - What we do


We provide a safe environment which enables our clients to face life's ups and downs. Partnering with our clients, we meet them where they are and with whatever struggle they are going through.  We provide answers, hope, direction, and the skills to deal with today's pain as well as tomorrow's.

We Promise

  •  A quiet confidential place to pause and reflect upon your life.  Where are you now, how did you get there, and where do you want to go?

  •  An opportunity for you to discover your own voice and find the courage to express it.

  •  To help you develop skills and strategies needed to make your life meaningful and your relationships rewarding.

Where We are located:

117 New Mohawk Rd, Suite A, Nevada City, CA 95959

Anew Day - Bringing Hope

117 New Mohawk Road, Suite A

Nevada City, CA 95959

Connect with us!

(530) 470-9111

Fax: (530) 470-9151admin@anew-day.com

Main Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday

 9 AM - 5 PM