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We have positions open for MFT/PCC/CSW Trainees and Associates. These positions can be full or part time. The Associate position is a paid position but the Trainee position is not. There is flexibility in scheduling for both Associates and Trainees and we are happy to accommodate those who might want to commute from one or more hours away and work a full day in order to manage time more efficiently and accumulate the hours needed to fulfill the MFT/PCC/CSW requirements.


Anew Day provides clients, office space and clinical supervision by a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and we are willing to work with different university graduate programs to insure Trainees obtain all verification necessary. We provide the same support for Associates working towards licensure.


Anew Day serves the general population in the Grass Valley/Nevada City areas. Both Associates and Trainees will be working with children of all ages, couples, families and individuals and there will be a wide range of clinical issues that you will encounter. Anew Day is a faith based counseling agency with a supportive staff and great office environment. If you are an individual looking for this kind of opportunity to complete your practicum or internship, please consider being a part of our team.


Anew Day has positions open for MFT/PCC/CSW internships. As stated above, our staff can be flexible in the scheduling while ramping up a client load. At least one group supervision is required and those are at fixed times but individual supervisions can be scheduled with some flexibility.


Anew Day has positions open for MFT/PCC/CSW trainees who are looking for practicum sites. Anew Day is an approved practicum site for several universities including Western Seminary, CSUS Sacramento and National University. Once your practicum is completed, there is also an opportunity to continue on for as a full or part time MFT/PCC/CSW Associate once your degree is granted and you have been assigned your intern number by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences.

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