counseling services to fit your needs

Here at Anew Day, we offer a variety of different counseling services, both in-person and utilizing tele-health (phone and video), in order to best fit your needs.


Experience one-on-one counseling in an environment of acceptance and compassion, without judgement. Our volunteer lay-counselors have training and experience to help you with your struggles, including relationship conflict, addiction, grief, depression, etc. Lay counselors counsel people aged thirteen and older. No one will be denied service based on inability to pay. To learn more about the services offered in our Lay Counseling Division, please CLICK HERE.

    PROFESSIONAL therapy

Receive professional mental health therapy that is offered for individuals, couples, families, and children. Fees are set based on a sliding scale, and we make every effort to ensure that services are provided at an affordable rate. To learn more about the services offered in our Professional Division, please CLICK HERE. To learn more about the therapists working in our Associate Program, CLICK HERE.

    groups, classes, & Workshops

Anew Day offers a selection of both periodic and on-going groups and classes that are focused on a variety of mental health topics and concerns. For more in-depth information regarding our current offerings, please CLICK HERE.