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Thank You For Your Support

Thank you for being part of the Anew Day family and for supporting our ministry in the month of October. We currently have 24 lay counselors and 6 professional therapists working with clients in our office, which is very exciting. Our waitlists are very small except for with men wanting to see a lay counselor. God has answered our fervent prayers for counselors to meet the growing need for mental health support in Grass Valley. Our team is amazing. The counselors who work in our office are kind, compassionate, generous, and faithful servants. They love God and they love people. I consider it a great honor to work with them and call them friends.

In October Anew Day hosted another Healing Through Art Class, we started a new support group for people 55 years and older, and we continued our fall Counseling Skills Workshop. We also were invited to participate in a Bright Futures for Youth event called Lights on After School. At this event Anew Day hosted a station called The Conversation Couch. We set up a couch and invited the youth to come and have a conversation with an Anew Day counselor. There was a game show style spin-wheel with different topics on it. The kids would spin the wheel and then sit on the couch with a counselor and talk about the topic selected. As an observer, I was impressed with how many young people were willing to sit down and open up about their thoughts on the topic. This event was a great way to let some of the younger generation know that Anew Day is here for them if they ever want to talk. We handed out brochures and business cards. It is my prayer that if any young person is struggling mentally or emotionally, they will know there is a trustworthy place to go called Anew Day where counselors care and want to help.

Thank you so much for giving to provide for the expenses required to keep Anew Day’s doors open so we can make counseling affordable and accessible for all people in our community.

With appreciation for your support,

Tricia Johnson

Executive Director

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