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The Gift of With

As Christmas approaches, my thoughts turn to the beautiful gift of Jesus, who is God WITH us. Thanks to this gift, I am no longer alone. In this hurting world, not being alone makes all the difference, especially as we face struggles. When there is another to walk WITH us through our struggles, we find strength and comfort we would not have found alone.

This is the privilege that I have being a Lay Counselor at Anew Day. I get to sit with clients as they courageously share their stories of sorrow and struggle. I listen with a caring heart and am able to share the gift of WITH that I have been given. As clients feel seen, heard and accepted, they find strength and comfort that grows into hope.

It is a great honor to be allowed to walk alongside Anew Day clients as they do this work, but it isn’t something that I could do alone. I am part of a team of lay counselors overseen by our supervisor, Susan.

Collectively, we give the gift of WITH to each other. As we pray for one another and share tools, insights and experiences with each other, we receive the strength, comfort and help we need to meet our client’s needs. It is a circle of giving and receiving that all began on Christmas Day with the ultimate gift of God WITH us.

Julie Bousfield

Lay Counselor

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