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Ways to Support Anew Day

We are a non-profit organization and we need your support!

As a 501(c)3 non-profit religious corporation, we rely solely on financial support from donations and volunteers. You can donate one-time, monthly, or through stocks/wills/living trusts - read below for more information about these options.

SUPPORT MONTHLY: Monthly donors are our bread and butter. They supply the dependable income needed to pay consistent monthly bills for the operation of our counseling and counselor training center. These recurring payments can easily be set up through your bank, our website or by calling our office.

FUND SPECIFIC NEEDS: Anew Day always has a wish list for help with various needs/wants. If you would like to supply one or more of those needs for us, you will know exactly what your money is purchasing for our ministry.

GIVE ONE TIME: Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and are needed to fill in the gap between what our monthly donors give, and the operating costs of Anew Day. No amount is too small and all donations are greatly appreciated!

DONATE GOODS AND/OR SERVICES: If you own/manage a business that supplies goods or services that might be helpful to Anew Day, in-kind donations can be terrific, and their value is tax deductible. Even a store discount would be greatly appreciated.

ESTATE PLANNING: Many people remember charitable organizations in their wills and trusts. We would be very grateful if you would consider adding Anew Day to your estate planning.

Our Federal Tax ID: 74-3170188

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