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Year in Review

In 2023 Anew Day worked hard to meet the mental wellness needs of our community and honor our donors who make it possible for us to pursue our mission. We do our best to track statistics so we can view the success and importance of our ministry and so our supporters can see the difference we are making together.


 In 2023…

  • Anew Day services were utilized by 392 individuals in our community.

  • Anew Day counselors provided 3,013 session hours to our clients.

  • Lay Counselors provided 1,115 sessions.

  • Professional Counselors provided 1,715 sessions.

  • 29 weekly volunteers served at Anew Day.

  • Together these volunteers logged 4,295 hours of service.

  • Anew Day served 25 first responders through our First Responder Support program.

  • 278 therapy sessions were paid for by the First Responder Support Fund.


In addition to all we were able to do for our clients, 2023 was a year of big changes for Anew Day.

  • We moved our office to a new location built for our particular needs and for growth.

  • We hired a new Clinical Director and a new Lay Counseling Supervisor.

  • Three of our Professional Therapists finished the hours needed for licensure.

  • One of our Professionals passed her test and became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).

  • We were able to re-start our weekly men’s support group.

  • We hosted our most profitable fundraiser to date.

  • We started hosting on-line/in-person hybrid Counseling Skills Workshops.

  • We added three Lay Counselors and one Professional Therapist to our staff.


We greatly appreciate that you see the importance of our valuable work in Nevada County. Thank you for entrusting us with your donation(s). We are committed to pursuing our mission with love, excellence and integrity.


God bless you,


Tricia Johnson

Anew Day Executive Director

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