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Dear Supporters,

I want to thank you for the money you gave to support Anew Day’s important work in the month of February. People in our community continue to reach out and ask for help navigating difficult circumstances in life. As I’m sure you can imagine, people are struggling with depression, anxiety, fear, bitterness, broken relationships and much more. These are difficult times and I am so grateful our community has a counseling center like Anew Day where people can call and get help navigating and processing hard realities and heavy emotions.

Additionally, I’d like to express a special thank you to Networked Insurance for responding to our Newsletter request for office chairs. They donated a number of high-quality chairs for our meeting room and rolling desk chairs for our office. They also donated some nice furniture for our lobby and group meeting room. We are very grateful for their generosity.

Lastly, I want to share with you a quick update on our annual Crab Feed fundraiser:

In January the hard decision was made to postpone our large dinner and auction fundraiser till this summer. We needed to make this decision at a time when COVID cases were spiking in our area. It has been 2 years since we’ve been able to hold this event in person and we cannot go another year without it. Though our drive through Crab Feed was successful last year for what it was, it did not give us the opportunity to personally share about the important work Anew Day is doing in our community. We were not able to ask for support face to face and we couldn’t hold our auctions, which contribute greatly to our financial needs. To be sure we could have these things in 2022 we decided to push the event off till summer and hold it outdoors. This of course means that we cannot serve crab. Therefore, the Anew Day Board is happy to announce that we will be hosting a BBQ ribs dinner catered by Bill’s Chuck Wagon on the evening of July 8th, 2022, so mark your calendars. More details will follow.

With Gratitude,

Tricia Johnson

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Thank you so much for the donation you made to Anew Day in January. We are grateful for your support and recognize that we can’t fulfill our mission without those who give to cover the cost of our work. We get to focus on meeting the needs of our clients and counselors because you support the needs of our counseling center.

As you may know, since the beginning of the pandemic the need for our counseling services has greatly increased. At the same time, three of our professional counselors have completed their hours and gained their licenses for private practice (yay!!!), and several of our lay counselors have encountered challenges requiring them to step away from serving here for now. In light of these realities, Anew Day’s strategic focus for 2022 will include recruiting new counselors and retaining the ones we have. We want all the counselors who serve at Anew Day to feel loved and appreciated. Our 22 volunteer counselors completely donate their time and our 4 professional counselors take less than they might be able to make elsewhere because they believe in our mission. As a way to say thank you and let them know they’re appreciated, we’re updating our break room to include a new pub-style table, a coffee bar/snack station and more things stocked in the fridge/freezer. We hope, by investing a bit of money in this project, all the people who work here will feel loved and appreciated for their sacrificial service. If they forget their lunch, need a pick-me-up snack or a good cup of coffee, we’ll have them covered.

If you would be willing to pray for Anew Day, please pray that God would call more people that believe in our mission and our organization to work here as counselors. We are particularly in need of professional counselors who are either Trainees working on supervised hours to complete their master’s degree or Associates who are working on their supervised hours to become licensed. May God supply the counselors needed to help those who call for our services.

With appreciation for your support,

Tricia Johnson

Anew Day Executive Director

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